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Of Parasites and Men: Discoveries of and perspectives on human and wildlife parasites and diseases. Volume 2

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Published: 2021-01-23
Category: Nature
Category Health Care, Medicine
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This proposed book is a lifetime journey of discovery of the many aspects of a variety of parasitic organisms' relationships with wild life and humans across the cultural and geographical divides of the world from Ancient Egypt to the present. The research presented covers the arthopod, invertebrate, bacterial, and toxic chemical agents of diseases affecting host systems. In this perspective, about 100 new species and higher taxa, especially of the Acanthocephala, are described for the first time. A new disease, NCS (Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome) causing Morgellons disease is described along with its treatment. The Ancient Egyptian and Arabic sources of modern medicine are explained. Philosophical approaches explained the nature of parasitic infections in terms of relationships in a Gestalt context are adopted.

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