Welcome to Academic Publishing House!


1. Is Eliva Press services 100% free for authors?

-Yes, totally free. You don’t even need a credit card to complete your book project. Additionally, we will give you free of charge editor’s support too, so it’s perfect for authors.

2. What advantages do you have?

-Our major advantages are:

1) Free of charge publication           
2) Worldwide expanded distribution (amazon.com, etc)
3) from 12% to 50% royalties depending on book sales
4) Editor’s step by step support
5) Our publication will promote you as an author

3. What type of research is appropriate for Eliva Press?

-Eliva Press is an academic publisher. We are interested to publish academic papers. We publish bachelor’s and master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, edited volumes, professional books, research monographs, lecture notes, textbooks, collection of papers, proceedings.

4. Will authors own rights to their work?

-Authors retain the rights to their work. The Publisher receives the non-exclusive rights only.

5. Can I publish my book with a different publisher?

- Yes, you may publish with different publisher. It is recommended to provide references on Eliva Press book.

6. Are you providing peer review services?

-Yes, we do provide peer review as a premium optional paid service. A confidential single-blind review is performed by acknowledged experts in corresponding fields. The reviewer will evaluate your manuscript and provide a detailed review report. The review report will include constructive comments and recommendations.

7. Can I use my own cover art?

- Eliva Press accepts authors' suggestions on cover design. However, the final decision will be approved by the publisher after comprehensive analysis.

8. Are you self-publishing company?

-No, we are not. Eliva Press is a publisher with features that bring the advantages of both traditional publishing and self-publishing. As a traditional publisher, we don't take money from our authors. On the other hand, Eliva Press is using print on demand technology popular on the self-publishing market. We are a new type of publisher with a mission to provide opportunity to all researchers regardless of country of residence, race, ethnicity or gender.

9. What file formats are acceptable for manuscript review?

-We accept pdf, docx, doc, odt, rtf, and other file formats.

10. What is POD technology(Print-on-Demand)?

- Print-on-Demand is a printing technology. Copies are printed as soon as publisher receives the order. This technology works well in small quantities digital printing.

11. Will I make any royalties on my book?

-Yes, we provide from 12% to 50% royalties depending on book sales

12% of the Publisher's net revenues on the first 20 copies sold.
15% of the Publisher's net revenues from 21 to 200 copies sold.
18% of the Publisher's net revenues from 201 to 500 copies sold.
20% of the Publisher's net revenues from 501 to 1000 copies sold.
30% of the Publisher's net revenues from 1001 to 3000 copies sold.
40% of the Publisher's net revenues from 3001 to 5000 copies sold.
50% of the Publisher's net revenues from 5001 to all further copies sold.


12. Who sets the market price on book?

- The publisher will set the price on your book. Our goal is to find fair price both for the company and the customers. With Premium, Premium Pro and Ultimate publishing packages, author will set the retail price.

13.Will Eliva Press provide ISBN for free?

-Yes. We will assign ISBN to every book published with Eliva Press.  

14. How to submit manuscript?

-Go to Submit a manuscript section and fill all required fields. Alternatively, you may send your manuscript to your editor’s email or info (a.t) elivapress.com

15. How long will it take to publish my book?

-Once you have approved all stages of the project and sent the completed documentation, we will check it again and create the book block and the cover design. The whole process can take  1 -3  weeks.

16. Do you provide additional publishing services?

- Yes, author can choose our Basic, Advantage, Premium, Premium Pro and Ultimate package services, including printed copies, color print, manuscript formatting, higher royalty rate, paid advertisement(Amazon, Facebook), hardcover printed copies, and more.

Get up to 50% Royalties

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