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About Eliva Press

Eliva Press is an independent publishing house established to publish and disseminate scientific works around the world. We provide high quality and professional services for all our authors. Finding the best solution for authors, researchers and academics, we discover new ways to promote science.

Eliva Press is designed as an academic publishing house based on the Print on demand (POD) technology. We focus on academic topics in both the mass and niche segments.

We are committed to form new publisher - author vision with principles of trust and mutual benefit. Editorial board welcomes author's suggestions and recommendations.  Every book project is important to us. Our team is here to help and better serve our authors.

Eliva Press is an efficient publishing instrument:

- we support authors to achieve best results.
- our publishing services accelerate author’s career development.
- we create a place for readers and authors to meet and to expand academic cooperation.

Our in-house review standard:
We Guide. Our editors will lead you through publication process.

We Review. Your book proposal will be reviewed by our editors on quality, scientific relevance, and product market demand. A premium peer review service is provided on request.

We Check. QA team will monitor the standards in the book project.

We Design. Our designer will create the cover design in accordance with author’s notes.

We Coordinate. You will receive formatting recommendations, book registration form and publishing agreement on time.

We Inform. Editor will keep you updated in a book publishing progress.

Get up to 50% Royalties

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