Welcome to Academic Publishing House!

#1 It is FREE!

Publishing a book with Eliva Press is free of charge!

All basic services are free of charge for you as our author (manuscript review, ISBN number, step-by-step book production, publication, distribution, and marketing). This is a fair cooperation between author and publisher. The author has already invested in the intellectual production of the manuscript, and the publisher bears all the risks for publication and distribution.

No financial risk. The author is not required to pay any hidden publication fees. You don't have to make tought decision on cutting your budget. No need to make calculations and spend money on ISBN, publishing services, editor's support, etc.

Free Academic Publishing includes:
-Paperback book publishing
-ISBN Assignment
-One-on-One Editor assistance
-Worldwide Book Distribution
-Amazon "Look Inside"
-Cover Design
-Author Volume Discounts
-E-version of the book
-Book certificate
-Promotional banner.
-Royalty from 12% to 50%.

Get up to 50% Royalties

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