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Author Interview with Akshayaa Vibho

Author of the book: "The Secret Heart"


1. Please introduce yourself. What would you like your reader to know about you?

My name is Akshayaa Vibho. I was born and raised in New Delhi, India. I am an admirer and adorer of the Human Heart. I am not someone who wants to take the road always taken. Each day of my life is unplanned, unforeseen and unpredictable. I don't know my destination but go ahead to see where I reach. For many people, this kind of life seems unbearably cumbersome but to me it is paradise.

2. What is your inspiration/motivation for writing?

Depth is my true inspiration. When I see any object in space, say, a big mansion, the first thought I get is not about how beautiful it is and what career profile the owners must have. Rather, I can't resist wondering what each brick of that house witnesses each day, what it means for the house to have had people live in it rather than simply exist in or around it. My parents and twin sister are my real motivations. They dream the impossible for me and constantly remind me that I am an admirer of something equally too good to be real, the Heart.

3. How long did it take to complete your research from the idea to the book?

The writing of a book called The Secret Heart was never planned, not in the least. My parents joked about it in the beginning but things got incredibly serious when they wouldn't stop mentioning it at least thrice a day. For this very reason it took me about three and a half months to write the book. With pure divine grace, when I found Eliva Press, the process caught intense speed.

4. What's the main message and idea of "The Secret Heart"?

We hear a lot of people telling us, "Follow your heart." Now this statement is straightforward under the assumption that the voice of the Heart in our minds is labeled as 'The Heart's voice'. But life isn't like that. Any individual has at least three voices in her/his head. The complexity of following your heart arises when you have to figure out which of those voices is that of your Heart. Now another assumption which is rather derogatory is that the Heart is always going to praise you in your head and so the voice which is speaking high of you is that of the Heart. This is what the book focuses on because again, the Heart is too misunderstood and such assumptions are false. Even while learning about the Heart, I did not know which voice in my mind was of my own Heart.

5. What was the most unexpected conclusion you came up with while preparing "The Secret Heart"?

I did not expect to get accepted for Biomedical Engineering by Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin. I still cannot believe it. If it weren't for The Secret Heart, I don't know where or if at all I would be.

6. How would you describe your publishing experience with Eliva Press in a few words?

I am not exaggerating when saying that Eliva Press is a gift from Goddesses. Firstly, they are such a unique publication authority, looking for researchers to publish their research as books. Secondly, they are ahead of their own timeline in delivering to the process of publishing. The estimated date for each of my tasks was at least a week later to the dates on which they actually got completed, including publishing of the book. They have made my dream come true and for that I will remain eternally grateful to them.


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