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Book Launch Event: The Jurisdictionalization of International Law by Prof. Wagner Menezes.

"Professor Wagner Menezes' new book launch was a success.
Several practitioners and scholars participated in the event, which lasted for over two hours, and was held on the official online channel of the Brazilian Academy of International Law.
At the event, everyone had a chance to hear the author talking about his new publication as well as its place within contemporary discussions on international law in Latin-America. Having published it in English, 'Eliva' allowed scholars around the world to have access to Professor Menezes' theoretical oeuvre. The online format allowed everyone to raise questions directly to Professor Menezes, who was kind to answer every inquiry.
I'm confident that 'The Jurisdictionalization of International Law' will become one of the major pieces of international legal scholarship in Brazil and the world. Both the author and the editors at 'Eliva' deserve our praise. It was a privilege to participate in the book launch
". - Henrique Marcos

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