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Lamparello & MacLean on Legal Writing: Curricular Reform & Practical Instruction

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Published: 2021-08-21
Category: Law
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Lamparello & MacLean on Legal Writing provides law schools and legal educators with the authors' groundbreaking, outcome-based, and assessment-driven curriculum that was described by one legal scholar as "the best model for skills integration in the United States." This curriculum includes a comprehensive, six-semester legal writing curriculum that enables students to, among other things, draft and re-draft the most common litigation and transactional documents, master the art of narrative storytelling, and effectively and efficiently re-write and edit legal documents. Additionally, this innovative approach eliminates the separation among doctrinal, skills, and clinical courses to create a fully integrated and real-world curriculum that trains students to think, write, and practice like lawyers. In so doing, it builds a bridge between law school and law practice, and prepares students to succeed in the legal profession from day one.

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