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Foreign Direct Investment: Regional Player

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Published: 2020-08-15
Category: Business and Economics
Category Finance
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Foreign direct investment (FDI), a topic discussed in many contexts and many sectors, significantly affects the economic development of host regions. On the one hand, they are important carriers of foreign capital and generators of various spillover effects, most often in the form of technology transfer or knowledge transfer. On the other hand, liquidation competition for domestic traditional companies or only temporary recipients of generous investment support. The individual chapters in the book look at multinational companies as significant participants in regional events and the development of the host region, where their localized foreign direct investment went. The ambition is to provide a relevant picture of FDI interaction with the host business environment. Whether and to what extent the host regions are able to adequately respond and absorb the foreign presence. The book also tries to find the answer to the discussed question of whether business environments can benefit at all from the presence of multinational companies so that local companies see FDI as a sufficient stimulus to grow their competitiveness. This book will be of interest to those in the fields of economics as well as the international trade and policy of international trade and investment. The book is relevant to scholars and academics as well as policymakers and for those who are actively involved or interested in regional development.

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