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Chemical Sensors for the Detection of Mercury Toxicity

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Published: 2021-10-05
Category: Chemistry
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This book is based in the recent advancements in the development of chemical sensors for the detection of mercury and its level of toxicity. Its scope and depth not only covers the recently developed chemosensors, but also introduces various methods of preparation and their mechanism of action towards the detection of mercury.
This book explains the harmful impact of mercury on biological systems and the efforts made by the regulating agencies, a decrease in mercury concentration has not been a realized and hence mercury accumulation in the environment remains of utmost concern.
Further, designing of novel and efficient probes for recognition and detection of toxic metals in environmental samples has been detailed in the book. Furthermore, occurrence of significant changes in the visible portion of electronic spectra enables detection by the naked eye.
Moreover, a brief description has been given on how to overcome the problem of developing efficient probes or sensors bearing fluorescence on-response mechanism that can work effectively in the physiological conditions various methodologies, such as chemo-dosimetric reaction mechanisms for the designing of new luminescent ligands, are being adopted.

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