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The Arab-Israeli Wars: Who Started Them and Why

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Published: 2023-04-07
Category: Political Science
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One of the most contentious points between Israel and her Arab neighbors is the wars that have been fought between them. Each side claims that the other was responsible for every one of them. Israel claims that the Arab states started them in order to destroy the Jewish state. The Arab states claim that Israel start them as part of its project to taking the entirety of the territory of Palestine. These question of who started these wars has been argued out at the United Nations, where each side has gone to justify itself before the world. At the United Nations, other states have had an opportunity to state their opinion. One will search the United Nations records in vain, however, for a definitive solution of the question of who started them. Nonetheless, those records provide significant clues. The circumstances are analyzed by representatives of each side for each of the wars. Member states give their assessment of the motivations of each side.

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