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Tran Huu Ai

Tran  Huu  Ai  -  PhD,  Lecturer  in  Economics  Department,  Van  Hien  University,  Ho  Chi  Minh  City, Vietnam. Research interest - agricultural market, support for small and medium enterprises, organic food market, eco-economy, environmental issues of economic development and social responsibility,theory of market's function, modern trends of development, corporative management; multinational corporation in service's production: global  competitive  resources organization, strategic management;  more  than  70  articles  on  international  journals  and  40  national  articles,  participated 12 scientific  conferences,  members of the editorial board of  international  journals:  The  EUrASEANs: Journal  on  Global  Socio-Economic  Dynamics  and  peer reviewer of journals: South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics; European Journal of Educational Research

  • Business and Economics


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