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Ayman Khalil

Ayman was born and raised in MALLAWY, a small town in Upper Egypt, and he has had strong wishes since early childhood to become a surgeon to treat his beloved grandmother .Ayman wanted to feed his addiction to surgery by hard working in highly specialized hospitals in Cairo with good training programs, and he really confronted difficult times in his life, however, he was fighter person, talented and creative surgeon with excellent hand crafts, and he insisted to use his surgical skills to help miserable patients with complicated cases who need a help, so he was interested in performing challenging surgeries and case reports. Ayman dreamed about working abroad where he can further satisfy his hunger to research and the more advanced surgery, but unfortunately couldn't because of social reasons so he decided to achieve his dreams in his country and help his people. Ayman is working now in Hurghada, a famous touristic city in Egypt on the Red Sea, and he treated a lot of foreigners of different nationalities, some of them had very critical situations that endangered their lives, however fortunately Ayman with his medical team was able to save them by doing challenging surgeries, and sent them back to their countries alive to give a message to the whole world that EGYPT is not only a beautiful country to enjoy but also safe and has good medical services and professional doctors. Our author is interested in RESEARCH WORK, publishing his articles internationally, sharing in conferences as a speaker and presenting his work to the world to build up scientific research for the benefit of patients and junior doctors worldwide. At the end, Ayman has a strong belief that MEDICINE IS A HUMANITY MISSION, and doctors should do their best to save lives and limbs of their patients before thinking about money.

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