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Safi Khuri

Safi Khuri, MD, is a specialist surgeon in the field of of HepatoPancreatoBiliary (HPB) surgery and Surgicl Oncology at Rambam Health Care Campus. Due to his ability to meet deadlines and go the extra miles, Dr. Khuri completed a number of important roles during his carrer, such as being the chief resident during his general surgery residency, as well as, the director of the internship program for several years. He is active socially at his home town as a volunteer in the social scouts and health care organizations. He has published multiple papers in reputed journals, mainly about pancreatic surgery, surgical oncology and emergency surgery. Of his last articles:" Postpancreatoduodenectomy hemorrhage; the association between the cause and the severity", and "unexpected gastrointestinal tract injury years following laparoscopic Adjastable Gastric Banding". Several ongoing research projects are currently running.    

  • Health Care, Medicine


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