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Sergei Bychkov

I was born in a small mining town in Kiselevsk, USSR. I was a fourth generation miner after my great-grandfather, grandfather, father. Even my mother worked in the underground mines of Siberia. I graduated from two universities and received the specialties of a mechanical engineer and mining engineer. I completed postgraduate studies at the Institute of Coal in the city of Kemerovo, USSR. I have worked as a mining engineer and mining expert in many countries, both underground and open mines. In the work on the book, I was assisted by a co-author named Bandit, whom you see in the joint photo and who acted as a proofreader, correcting grammatical errors in the text. What else? Married.  I call my wife the Babe and she is the most beautiful woman in the Universe.. but I like to think I'm pretty damn pretty myself!

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