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Rachel Frid de Vries

Dr. Rachel Frid de Vries, Adv. is an International Trade and Investment consultant and scholar. She is a senior lecturer at Ono Academic College, Israel teaching International Trade and Investment, Private and Public International Law. Formerly, she served as Deputy to the Vice Attorney General at the Israeli Ministry of Justice in charge of international trade relations. Attorney at Law, Israel; LL.B. Tel Aviv University; LL.M. in European and International Economic Law, University of Amsterdam; Ph.D. The European Union and International Governance, University of Amsterdam; Post-Doc International Trade, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. She was accredited to the Israeli list of Arbitrators in the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism and in the Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration. Her main research areas are International Economic Law, in particular the settlement of international investment disputes, and the EU's external economic relations. She has published widely on those topics.

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