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Peter H. Richter

1967    University Dresden: Graduate Engineer for Electrical Engineering
1989    Academy of Sciences Berlin: Doctorate Dr.-Ing. in Mathematics/ Informatics 
1991–1994 Scientific secretary at the Institute for Computer Integrated Engineering, CoIn Potsdam, Golm, Germany
1994 - 1999 Research fellow University Potsdam; Head of the group "Layout Optimization"; Honorarium professor "Informatics" University Potsdam
1999–2000 Head of the research group "Satellite Communication" at SATCON GmbH Teltow, Honorarium professor  "Informatics" UAS FHMD Magdeburg
2001–2002 Honorarium professor  "Informatics" College UAS FHMD Magdeburg; and College UAS FHTW Berlin
2002–2004 Head of R&D, SATCON GmbH Teltow "Optimization and Simulation of Communication in Satellite Nets" 
2004– CEO at O&S Consultancy–Mission oriented Research for SMEs as to the optimization of connection structures in graphs

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