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Dr. Omar M. Amin

Dr. Omar M. Amin, M.Sc. in Medical Entomology, Ph.D. in Parasitology and Infectious Diseases. Post doc at Old Dominion Univ. and CDC. He worked at NAMRU-3 (US Naval Medical Research Unit # 3) Cairo, Egypt then at the University of Wisconsin: Teaching and running research work in wildlife and human parasitology. He has received awards and grants by US Army, national and state agencies, and Fulbright Research Scholarships in the Persian Gulf. He has published over 280 articles on human parasitology and wildlife agents of human diseases in all continents. His discoveries include the description of over 60 new species of parasites and higher taxa as well as the discovery of a new disease: Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) a toxicity disorder agent of Morgellons. He is currently the Director: Parasitology Center, Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona, with subunits in Mexico, London, UK, and West Africa.

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