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Prof. Jef M. van der Zel

Jef M. van der Zel, PhD, MSc started his research in dentistry in 1977 in the areas of metal-ceramics, press- and sinterceramics, digital dentistry and dental CAD/CAM. He held an endowed chair at the Academic Centre for Dentistry (ACTA) of the University van Amsterdam from 2004-2012. Research directed towards clinically validating scan-, design- and production methods of dental prosthetics. He is one of the pioneers of restorative computerized dentistry and has since 1987 been working on the development of CAD/CAM dental systems. He is the founder of the Dental CAD/CAM special interest group of the International Association of Dental Research and chaired the ISO/TC106 Workgroup on Digital Dentistry that resulted in ISO 12836:2015(en) Dentistry - Digitizing devices for CAD/CAM systems for indirect dental restorations - Test methods for assessing accuracy. Jef is knight in the order of the Dutch Lion. He is involved in innovative developments in ceramics and digital dentistry worldwide as international consultant. 

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