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Leonard Mushunje

An orphan whose drive is to be a massive disruptor and exude of greatness, Leonard Mushunje was raised in rural areas under the direct care of his grandmother. He attended Rota Secondary School before advancing to Nyahuni High School for his Advanced level studies where he competed in the mathematics Olympiad competitions as a finalist from Mashonaland East province. He then proceeded to Midlands State University where he is studying a Bachelor's Honours degree in Mathematics. He is currently in his final year. Leonard is an author of two books to date: "A mathematical model for revenue and corporate tax relations" and "Surviving Numbers". While his first book with Maxwell Mashasha provided a mathematical model for tax-revenue collection, his second book, Surviving numbers, aims to empower and to bring mathematical freedom to everyone on earth through a massive mind revolutionizing. Leonard Mushunje is the co-founder and director of Edintec trading and Ocean Paradise. Private companies whose focus is on electrical installation and repairs and transport and logistics respectively. Leonard Mushunje is a lead guest editor of two special issues, an editorial board member of Journal of Economic Sciences and has recently participated as a reviewer of Scientific African Journal (Elsevier). He is a student member of numerous societies, including Society for industrial and applied mathematics (SIAM), American Physical society (APS), Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS), Bernoulli mathematical society, International Statistical Institute, among others. He has made several academic presentations regionally and internationally in person and virtually, including the 2020 SIAM annual meeting.  

  • Business and Economics


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