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Author Interview with Catarina Jota Baptista

Author of the book: "Wildlife Research for a Healthier Future"


1. Please introduce yourself. What would you like your reader to know about you?

I am a veterinarian with a passion for wildlife and nature conservation. I am passionate about wildlife, and the way living beings naturally co-exist in ecosystems has fascinated me since I remember. I am a dedicated phD student, studying the impact of heavy metals and metalloids in the environment and on mammals' health. I would love to have an academic teaching career in the future related to this subject. More than being an "animal lover", as I believe most readers consider themselves, it is essential to enjoy and care about them as part of a very complex "organism" (called the ecosystem). Otherwise, we will act like those parents who only give gifts and candy to their kids, without teaching or guiding them to a correct way of living. That's my most important opinion, and the one I would like readers to know.

2. What is your inspiration/motivation for writing?

It is challenging to write it in a short paragraph. My motivation is undoubtedly my passion for nature and how much I like to communicate science and influence (and be influenced by) people around me. I have the luck to have two parents and a boyfriend who have supported me in following my dreams and convictions. Moreover, I am fortunate to have the opportunities to do it, and not many obligations stop me from going for it. Dr Jane Goodall is (and should be, in my opinion) a fantastic inspiration for those who want to study nature, communicate and have a relevant role in our society, especially women. Reading and listening to her is like charging my "battery of bravery" in life to follow my dreams.

3. How long did it take to complete your research from the idea to the book?

It isn't easy to say. I have been thinking about writing about this topic for a long time. I believe there is a lack of technical published material suitable for everyone, especially regarding the potential of wildlife research or the health consequences of climate change. Eliva Press invited me to publish a book with them, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to put this into practice. I have talked with my supervisors (Fernanda Seixas, José M. Gonzalo-Orden and Paula A. Oliveira), and we all found this an excellent opportunity to share some knowledge about our project.

4. What's the main message and idea of "Wildlife Research for a Healthier Future"?

In brief words, the main ideas of this book are: 1) Wildlife research has a colossal potential in predicting and changing our planet's future, helping us evaluate the consequences of pollution or pathogens worldwide. 2) One Health effects caused by human activity represent urgent calls for a global change.

5. What was the most unexpected conclusion you came up with while preparing "Wildlife Research for a Healthier Future"?

The best things about writing (at least for me) are the opportunity to share something with our unknown readers and how much we learn while writing. I spend much more time reading than writing when preparing a book or an article. Therefore, I learn a lot through this process. For instance, with this book, I discovered how history and retrospective epidemiology are connected and may give us some clues, especially in the Alexander the Great chapter. And more I will not reveal!

6. How would you describe your publishing experience with Eliva Press in a few words?

Publishing with Eliva Press is a very uncomplicated process, and I enjoyed the experience. I advise other authors and researchers to consider Eliva Press when publishing their books.


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