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Author Interview with John D. Young

Author of the book: "High Stakes in the Himalayas"


1. Please introduce yourself. What would you like your reader to know about you?

International Relations, particularly the security aspects of the field, has been the primary focus of my research, teaching, and writing. I have served as Head of the Department of Strategic Studies at the Canadian Royal Military College Saint-Jean, as well as Head of the Military and Strategic Studies Program at the Royal Military College of Canada, where I am an Emeritus Professor. For several years, I also served as International Chair of the War Studies Working Group within the International Society of Military Sciences. All my university degrees are in Political Science, with concentrations in IR. I have found that approaching IR from the perspective of Political Science offers a privileged pathway to taking the measure of the principal forces at play as the high politics of international security work themselves out. My normative predisposition is to conflict prevention, mitigation, and resolution. 

2. What is your inspiration/motivation for writing?

I have always been motivated by the responsibilities associated with the teaching and mentoring function. I take tremendous satisfaction in the success of my former students as they pursue their respective careers and life journeys. Among sources of inspiration beyond family and some personal associates, I reserve a special place for the great teachers that I have been fortunate to have had. More generally, I view the pursuit of knowledge and  understanding as keys to contending successfully with the array of challenges that world politics presents to us all. 

3. How long did it take to complete your research from the idea to the book?

The actual drafting and revision of the book’s text took several months.
The idea of the book originated several years ago. However, its specific orientation and the manner in which its subject-matter was structured evolved as the pre-drafting research progressed. 

4. What's the main message and idea of "High Stakes in the Himalayas"?

That foreign-policy prudence and restraint is a signal virtue that all responsible political decision-makers should possess as a default position. 

5. What was the most unexpected conclusion you came up with while preparing "High Stakes in the Himalayas"?

That the stakes examined in High Stakes in the Himalayas: The Second Kashmir War: National Objectives and Global Power were even higher than originally envisioned, and indeed proved decisive to both Pakistan and India’s respective futures as national entities.

6. How would you describe your publishing experience with Eliva Press in a few words?

That High Stakes is my second book with Eliva Press speaks to the confidence I have in the publishing experience. I wish Eliva Press and all its efficient and helpful personnel continued success and a future commensurate with the excellence of their operations. I would be remiss if I did not express a hearty thank-you to Andrew Melnic in particular for guiding High Stakes to port. Thank you to everyone at Eliva Press for your professionalism and very fine work. 

John D. Young, PhD
Ottawa, Canada
May 1st 2024


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