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Cancer Screening in the 21 Century: State of the Art Cancer Screening

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Published: 2021-06-23
Category: Health Care, Medicine
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The American Cancer Society (ACS) publishes guidelines for early cancer screening based on age, gender, family history, among other factors. Cancer screening is a complex process, which includes physical diagnosis, family history, genetics, among other factors.
Today, cancer screening is performed by healthcare providers of various specialties: general and internal medicine practitioners, gynecologists, family physicians, and others. Although cancer screening is a part of the residency and fellowship training for many specialties, it is not their primary focus. On the other hand, specialists in oncology are occupied with treating patients with already established diagnoses of various malignancies rather than screening for and preventing them.
The goal of cancer screening is to detect cancer or its precursor lesions at an early stage when treatment is most effective, preferably prior to the onset of symptoms.

CitiScreen puts together a fragmented screening system by creating screening algorithms for various cancers. An individual screening algorithm combines ultrasound, MRI, CT imaging, genetic and tumor markers, as well as other technologies. Screening starts with obtaining family, personal, and social history, as well as demographics for identification of risk factors. These are followed by genetic profiling tailored to the individual. The data is used to create an algorithm for each individual to prevent cancer for years to come.

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